Looking back, it’s plain to see...
that Harmony in Motion
has come a long way since its inception!

In the 1980’s, a handful of women decided to form a group for the purpose of singing together, calling themselves “Sounds of Harmony.” Over the course of a few years, other women joined their group, Steve Hagerdon became director, and they were officially chartered in Harmony, Inc. on April 4, 1991, changing their name at that time to “Harmony in Motion.”  They were, and continue to be, the only New Jersey chapter in Harmony, Inc., an international women’s barbershop singing organization.

Since then, the chorus has seen many directors: Rhodi Teufert, Karen Semanchlk, Jane Berkowitz, Brenda Crawford, Pat Smith, Sandy Newcomer, and our current directer, Jeanne Viscito.

Members and directors have come and gone, but the one thing that has not changed about this group is the welcoming attitude of our members and the love for music.

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