Musical Directors

Jeanne Viscito and Ruth Perry

Jeanne Viscito (Director)  
Jeanne has joined Harmony in Motion as our new Director Effective Feb. 19, 2018. Jeanne has been around barbershop her entire life.  She has been an active member of Sweet Adelines, International since August, 1980 (39 years and counting!).  She currently sings baritone for the award winning Liberty Oak Sweet Adeline Chorus in Freehold NJ where she is also an Assistant Director, as well as serving as the Competition Coordinator for the Region.
She has been active in various musical organizations since grade school, including band, stage band, and marching band, serving as the Drum Major for 2 years.  She was also in concert choir, madrigals and girl's choir in high school, and in a women's auditioned choir in college.  Active in church choirs for many years, she is also a former member of her church hand bell choir, currently filling in whenever needed for special events, and plays the clarinet and piano.
Jeanne is employed as a Prosecutor for the City of Newark, NJ.  She and her family live in Hope, New Jersey.
Jeanne is thrilled to have celebrated her one year anniversary with us!

Ruth Perry (Assistant Director)
    Ruth is a charter member of Harmony in Motion, having joined the chorus (then known as Sounds of Harmony) in January of 1990.  She initially started singing in the bass section of the chorus.  However, when the quartet known as "The Musical Exchange" formed with a tenor, baritone and two basses, they all decided to change parts, "for the fun of it". The tenor became the lead, the baritone became the bass, one of the basses became the baritone, and Ruth was left with the tenor part!  After many years of singing bass in the chorus and tenor in the quartet, she made the switch to tenor in the chorus as well. The saga doesn't end there, as Ruth is now going back to her roots and singing bass in the chorus (as well as some tenor for a while yet) and tenor in the quartet "High Hopes".
    Ruth has retired from her career in business and is now able to devote more time sharing her musical knowledge with our chorus.  She has lived in Sussex County most of her life and has two grown children and three grandchildren.

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