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2023 Holiday Happenings

Holiday Performances and Luncheons
2023 German Christmas Market Performance

Our holiday performance at the German Christmas Market on 12/2/23
2023 PSS Season of Hope Toy Drive

Our performance to help PSS kick off their Season of Hope Toy Drive
Three Wishes...A Tribute to Broadway

Some Photos by Bill Tracy of our Dress Rehearsal
2023 Skylands Ballpark

Singing our National Anthem and God Bless America as we cheered for the Sussex County Miners!
2023 Harmony in Motion Retreat

Our full day retreat at Stillwater Community Center with coaches Jeanne Elmucchio and Bill Stauffer.
2023 Sussex-Wantage Library Performance

HIM performance at the Sussex-Wantage Library with our Assistant Director on 2-12-23
2022 Holiday Performances

Holiday Performances Throughout the Community
2022 Wanaque Performance

Performance for the Wanaque Reserve Condominiums Association on 11-16-22
2022 Skylands Ballpark

HIM performs for the Miners' game at Skylands Stadium on 8-20-22!
2022 Lake Owassa Performance

Harmony in Motion's annual performance at Lake Owassa and our summer social have resumed on July 23, 2022!
2022 Grey Towers National Historic Site and Layton Hotel Tavern

Performance for the Garden Club Luncheon at Grey Towers National Historic Site, Milford, PA, followed by our luncheon at Layton Hotel Tavern on 6-14-22
2022 Sparta Day

Performance at Sparta Day on 6-4-22
2022 Lake Mohawk Country Club

Performance for the Sparta Ladies Association Luncheon
2022 Harmony in Motion AC&C

Harmony in Motion Chorus at Area 3 AC&C
2022 Performance for Montague Seniors & Lunch

Performance for Montague Seniors at St. Thomas the Apostle Church & Lunch at Layton Hotel Tavern
2022 Installation Ceremony

Our Board Installation Ceremony
2022 Performance at the Fairgrounds

Performance for the Christmas Market Volunteers Luncheon
2021 Holiday Performances

Holiday Performances by Harmony in Motion
2021 Tri-County Senior Olympics

An ensemble performing our National Anthem during opening ceremonies
2021 Tee It Up For the Troops

Performing patriotic songs for a golfing fundraiser for the military at Crystal Springs
2021 Skylands Stadium

Singing our National Anthem for the Miners Game on 7-10-21
2021 Rehearsal at Project Self-Sufficiency

In-person rehearsal at PSS
2020-21 Zoom Rehearsals

Zoom Rehearsals, Including Presentations & Guests
2021 Area 3 Virtual Moonglow Awards

Area 3 Virtual Moonglow Awards Presentation for 2021
2021 Virtual Installation Ceremony

Virtual Installation of New Officers for 2021
2019 Show: Barbershop Through the Decades

Barbershop Through the Decades
2019 Lake Owassa Performance

Our 2019 performance at Lake Owassa
2018 Sussex Women's Club Performance

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Sussex Women's Club at the Sussex Wantage Library
2018 Tee It Up For The Troops

Patriotic songs performed during the flag-raising ceremony
2018 Substance Abuse Awareness

Candlelight Vigil at the Newton Green
2018 Skylands Stadium

Singing our National Anthem at the Miners Game
2018 Lake Owassa Performance

Our annual summer performance at Lake Owassa
2018 Retreat

A weekend of coaching with Bill Stauffer
2017 Holiday Performances

2017 Holiday Performances
2017 Project Self-Sufficiency's Season of Hope Toy Drive

Sharing our holiday music to help kick off Project Self-Sufficiency's Toy Drive
2017 "A Jersey Journey"

Dress Rehearsal of our Big Show
2017 Tee It Up For The Troops

Fund-raiser for the military at Crystal Springs
2017 Lake Owassa Performance

Our performance at Lake Owassa
2017 Installation of Officers

Our board installation ceremony on 4-3-17.
2016 Caroling in the Community

Harmony in Motion's day of caroling throughout the community on 12-16-16
2016 Bristol Glen Holiday Performance

Harmony in Motion's Holiday Performance at Bristol Glen on 12-12-16
2016 Montague Senior Citizens Holiday Performance

Harmony in Motion's Holiday Performance for Montague Seniors on 12-9-16
2016 Andover Senior Citizens

Harmony in Motion performance for Andover Senior Citizens on 11-5-16
2016 Project Self Sufficiency's Toy Drive

Harmony in Motion kicks off PSS's Televised Toy Drive on 10-28-16
2016 Skylands Ballpark

Harmony in Motion welcomes fans to Skylands Ballpark on 8-12-16
2016 Lake Owassa Performance

Harmony in Motion performs at Lake Owassa on 7-16-16
25th Anniversary

Harmony in Motion celebrates its 25th year!

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