Looking back, it’s plain to see...
that Harmony in Motion
has come a long way since its inception! 

In the 1980’s, a handful of women decided to form a group for the purpose of singing together, calling themselves “Sounds of Harmony.” Over the course of a few years, other women joined their group and they were officially chartered in Harmony, Inc. on April 4, 1991, changing their name at that time to “Harmony in Motion.”  They were, and continue to be, the only New Jersey chapter in Harmony, Inc., an international women’s barbershop singing organization.

Now in our 26th year, Harmony in Motion has evolved in various ways.  Membership now totals almost fifty women who are all ages and from various walks of life.  Through the years, we have been led by several different directors, and most recently are under the direction of Sandra Newcomer, a retired German teacher who has used her teaching skills to help the chorus learn and understand more about our craft and to become better singers.  She has the help of the assistant director, Ruth Perry, who is one of the charter members of the chorus. The rehearsal venue has also changed over the years to accommodate our growing membership.  Currently, we rehearse in the auditorium of Bristol Glen in Newton, a lovely retirement/assisted living community.

Educational opportunities are frequently offered to the membership.  Along with mini-workshops on barbershop basics, we also receive professional coaching at our annual weekend retreat as well as at other times during the year.  The team of choreographers provides the “motion” to go along with the harmony, and they work closely with the chorus to bring excitement to our music.  Harmony in Motion puts our acquired knowledge and talents to use by performing throughout the community.  We are a professional organization of dedicated women who really enjoy sharing our music with others, whether it be at one of our big shows or at various smaller performances, fund-raisers, or workshops for area high school students.  We have a passion for singing and a dedication to promoting our style of music, all done in an atmosphere of friendship and camaraderie.   

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