Harmony in Motion

Sandy Newcomer and Ruth Perry

Sandy Newcomer (Director)
    Sandy came to Harmony in Motion in 2009 as a baritone.  She stepped off the risers and assumed the director position in 2014.  The adventure from barbershop singer to director has been exciting and full of new learning experiences.
    Sandy was a German teacher in the NJ public education system for 32 years before her retirement in 2015. She has sung throughout her life with various choirs and choruses, and directed the Lenape Valley German Folk Choir until her retirement. Sandy is a member of the "Jeweltones" quartet and sings baritone in the group. She truly enjoys the time she spends singing those "tight harmonies"!
    Sandy is  the mother of three grown children and grandmother to three grandchildren under the age of two!

Ruth Perry (Assistant Director)
    Ruth is a charter member of Harmony in Motion, having joined the chorus (then known as Sounds of Harmony) in January of 1990.  She initially started singing in the bass section of the chorus.  However, when the quartet known as "The Musical Exchange" formed with a tenor, baritone and two basses, they all decided to change parts, "for the fun of it". The tenor became the lead, the baritone became the bass, one of the basses became the baritone, and Ruth was left with the tenor part!  After many years of singing bass in the chorus and tenor in the quartet, she made the switch to tenor in the chorus as well. The saga doesn't end there, as Ruth is now going back to her roots and singing bass in the chorus (as well as some tenor for a while yet) and tenor in the quartet "High Hopes".
    Ruth has retired from her career in business and is now able to devote more time sharing her musical knowledge with our chorus.  She has lived in Sussex County most of her life and has two grown children and three grandchildren.